Filmmakers – Festival Strategy

Which Festivals Are Right For Your Film?

For filmmakers faced with a bewildering number of international festivals we provide a festival strategy appropriate for your film.

With an ever-growing number of international festivals, it really matters where you choose to spend your energy and your submissions’ budget.

An informed festival strategy will increase your chances of selection and avoid wasteful investment in festivals inappropriate for your film. The big festivals, for example, may not be the best option, while many smaller festivals with solid reputations can be a good match.

We’re pleased that our festival work has given us direct contact with many festival programmers.

A targeted approach to festival submissions therefore is time and cost effective and ultimately more rewarding. Contact us to discuss developing and implementing a festival strategy for your film.

We also advise on scripts and films that are not yet complete – informed feedback will help refine your film idea/script/rough-cut so that it can find audiences internationally